With over 20 years of experience in multiple industries and disciplines, Focus Media has been an integral part of design agencies, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Our focus is in digital and print design, web development, and consulting, and ranges from international tourism, private label alcohol, and athletics to mental health, cannabis, and national events. We have worked on projects or consulted for Asics, Sharp Electronics, CACHÉ, Marriott, Pfizer, Fisherman’s Wharf, REVLON, Travelocity, Burke Williams, Le Cordon Bleu, HughesNet, and the Fiji Visitors Bureau, to name a few.

General Print
• Logo Creation
• Brand Collateral
• Packaging Design
• POS Displays
• Booklets & Presentations
• Event Collateral

Web Design & Development
• Layout Design
• WordPress
• Webflow
• Third-Party Sites & Carts
• ADA Compliance
• Error Correction

Alcohol Brands
• Product Naming
• Bottle Labels
• Can Sleeves
• Bag Design
• Multi-Packs
• TTB File Creation
• Proof Review
• Shipper Cartons
• Sell Sheet Design
• Distributor Decks
• Brand Books
• POS Displays

Social Media Marketing
• Campaign Creation
• Image Creation
• Copywriting
• Account Branding
• Analytics

Web Marketing
• PPC Ads
• Site Submission
• Landing Pages
• Eblasts
• Analytics

• Compiling & Editing
• Audio Editing
• Website Headers
• Social Media Ads
• Commercials & Events

• Alcohol Startups
• Business Startups
• Executive Coaching

• Copy Editing
• Project Management

GENERAL PRINT: Logo Creation, Brand Collateral, Packaging Design, POS Displays, Booklets & Presentations, Event Collateral

WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: Layout Design, WordPress, Webflow, Third-Party Sites & Carts, ADA Compliance, Error Correction

ALCOHOL BRANDS: Product Naming, Bottle Labels, Can Sleeves, Bag Design, Multi-Packs, TTB File Creation, Proof Review, Shipper Cartons, Sell Sheet Design, Distributor Decks, Brand Books, POS Displays

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: Campaign Creation, Image Creation, Copywriting, Account Branding, Analytics

WEB MARKETING: SEO, PPC Ads, Site Submission, Landing Pages, Eblasts, Analytics

VIDEO: Compiling & Editing, Audio Editing, Website Headers, Social Media Ads, Commercials & Events

CONSULTING: Alcohol Startups, Business Startups, Executive Coaching

MISCELLANEOUS: Copy Editing, Project Management